Drugstore/affordable make up and skin care recommendations

I am going to apologise in advance for the long post but I wanted to share with all of you my favourite skincare and make up products that I have been loving lately.

I could keep it brief and just list them, but I would like to explain why I like each product and let you know how much they cost me, so that you know straight away how much money you are looking at spending if you are interested in any of them for yourself, or someone you know.

All prices will be from the UK store, Boots because that is pretty much the only place I buy make up from at the minute.

Also, just so that you all know, I have oily skin and so these are all the products that I feel work well with my skin type.

I think the easiest way to do them would be to mention them in the order I would use them, so here we go…


For me, the best way to remove my make up is by using the Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes. This is because they are so gentle on the skin and they remove even waterproof make up, without leaving my face feeling dry or sore (even when I have to really scrub at my eyes to get off long wearing eye liner or mascara). I also use these in the morning before my toning cleanser (which I will talk about next) to really ensure my skin is completely clean. £3.29 20170721_194414-e1500667090769.jpg

Next I use my Simple Kind To Skin Pore Minimising Toning Cleanser. Oh my god, as soon as I have put some of this on a cotton pad and wiped it over my face, my skin feels amazing! For me it does exactly what it says on the bottle and I would highly recommend to anyone with an oily skin type. £5.27

20170721_194443.jpgOccasionally I will also use this Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Cleansing Oil in the evening. It says on the bottle it can be done daily but I prefer to use it only 2-3 times a week. I know a few of you will think I am crazy for putting more oil on my already oily skin, but it is a little known fact that the drier oily skin becomes, the more oil it produces in order to make up for it. So for all of you other oily skin types, if you keep your skin hydrated, it will actually feel the need to produce less oil. I also love the fact you only use 2-3 drops so I’m pretty sure this bottle will last me forever, especially since I have been using it for over a month and it looks no different to when I bought it, the level doesn’t seem to have dropped at all. £6.99

20170721_194544.jpgMoving on to make up, the L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24H Matte foundation is amazing. I am able to put this on in the morning and it will last me a good 10 hours with no touch ups, if not more (except my nose, for some reason everything rubs off of that no matter what I have tried so far). It is also amazing at keeping the shine off of my oily face (again, except my nose). £8.99

20170721_194627.jpgFor my blush I am in love with this one I purchased from No7 in the shade Peach Velvet. It is extremely pigmented and so a little goes a long way, meaning that this is another product which doesn’t seem to be going down even though I have been using it for 2 months now. £9


20170721_194656Before applying my eyeshadow I have been putting on the Magnif’eyes eye primer by Rimmel and my goodness it is brilliant. My eyeshadows are so much more pigmented and last me all day whereas without it the colours are a lot less noticeable and start to rub off after 4-5 hours. £4.99

20170721_194714.jpgFor my lips I have been testing out a few liquid lipsticks (as these are the only lip products I like) and no matter what I have bought, I can’t find anything that compares to the MaxFactor Lipfinity liquid lipsticks. They last all day without transferring, no matter how much I eat, drink or kiss my husband. They dry completely, but because the black stick is a gloss that makes the colour last longer, it makes it so light and comfortable on the lips. £10.99

I have a lot more make up that I use but these are my all time favourites. I know that not everyone will agree with the things I have put, but these are just my personal opinions based on my experiences with each product.

I hope you find this helpful and see some products you would like to try yourself. Please leave a comment if you have tried and liked any of these yourself or even if you know of any items you think I should try as I am always looking for new products to test out.


Best way I’ve found to lose weight

My weight is something that I am always obsessing about. I’m not overweight but I’m also not comfortable in myself and so I am always trying new ways to lose weight and if I’m honest, whether they work or not, I’m not great at sticking with them so I have been in a cycle of losing weight and gaining it again for years. However, I have found one thing that I always come back to.

I’m not suggesting people of any particular size need to lose weight. Everyone is beautiful no matter what size they are. However if any of you are feeling a bit uncomfortable and would like to lose a little weight, there is one way I have found that always works for me. Walking! I know everyone goes on and on about walking to lose weight but honestly, it is one of the best things to do as it is not only effective but available to people of any money situation as it is FREE.

It is also something that is super easy to incorporate into your day. If you drive, park slightly further away to your destination than usual, if you get the bus,  get off a stop or 2 early, use stairs instead of escalators and lifts and many, many more.

Personally I have been walking to the local town centre instead of getting the bus, which is a 20 minute, uphill walk. I have also tried getting off the bus before work a few stops early and walking to my mum’s house after work, which takes me around 1 hour.

Another tip is no matter how much they hype the products or say they are good for weight loss, completely avoid anything that says it is low fat! These products are usually higher in sugar and can actually make it harder to lose weight. And high levels of sugar is worse for you and harder to burn off than the fat. Of course I am talking about the good fats, such as some oils, nuts and fish. You still need to avoid the bad fats like what you find in a lot of take aways and fast foods.

I hope you find this random post helpful, but please, please, please remember that you do not need to look a specific way to please friends, family or society in general, no matter what the media and social media say. The only thing that means anything is how YOU feel. It doesn’t matter if you are a size 0 or 20+, if you are happy that is all that matters. These little tips are just for those who are uncomfortable within themselves and need an easy and healthy way to lose weight. For me personally I am a 27 year old female, 5’9″ and a UK size 14 and I would only like to go down to a UK size 12.

My final tip if you are trying to lose weight is avoid the scales!! I am guilty of weighing myself most mornings and feeling disheartened when I haven’t lost anything, even though it takes time for things to actually work. Also, muscle weighs more than fat. So if you are exercising and finding you are gaining weight, it could just be that you are building muscle without realising it and the higher number on the scale is only going to make you feel like your effort isn’t working when it is! The best thing I find is to use a measuring tape on the body parts I am focusing on so that I can see if they are getting smaller.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, please hit the like and leave a comment with anything you would like to read about and I will be happy to get back to you as soon as I am able to.

Quick and easy tip for nails


I thought I would start off this blog with one of the quickest and most simple beauty hacks I have come across recently and that is to instantly dry your nail varnish.

I am constantly painting my nails as I love trying different colours and brands. However, there is nothing more annoying when painting your nails than having to wait about an hour for them to stop feeling sticky and tacky. Because no matter how much I think they have dried before that time, I can almost guarantee if I try to do anything I will scuff or mark the nail varnish and then have to start all over again.

So I looked up several little tips on how to avoid this and this is the only one I have found that really works for me. This is a step by step of what to do after you have already painted your nails with a base coat, 2 layers of colour and then the top coat.

  1. While your nails are still wet, place your fingertips into a bowl of icy cold water (I usually have a small breakfast size bowl with cold water and about 4-6 ice cubes)
  2. Hold your hands there for as long as you can, try for up to 30-60seconds
  3. Take your hands out and then after a few seconds put them back in and do the same again, then repeat 1 or 2 more times.
  4. When you take them out allow your fingers to air dry

Your nails should now be completely dry.

I have used this method several times and it has always worked for me. I also find that it makes my nail varnish last a little longer before it starts to peel off.

Thank you for taking the time to read this little tip, I hope you have found it helpful. Please leave a comment and/or like if you have tried this technique and would like to read more things like this in the future.